contemporary portraiture

I know what beautiful looks like. I can see yours. I know how to bring it forward, and how to capture it with my camera. I also know what it's like to be a woman who struggles to see her own beauty. That's why I've made it my mission to create the most beautiful portraits you have ever had. I want to show you how beautiful you are; to help you reconnect with the woman you see in your portraits, and be awed by her again.

About Me

My name is Trish and I’m a portrait photographer located in Rocklin, California. I have been a photographer for ten years. I've been passionate about creationg and designing one of a kind couture style gowns and tulle skirts. When my son was a baby, I purchased my first professional camera and fell in love with photography. I created my own darkroom in my house and would develop film till late in the night. Since then, photography has given me the creative outlet I needed to feed my artistic side. It is my passion and something that truly brings me joy. I can't explain it but it drives me to create and design my shoots.

My line of portrait sessions include editorial style beauty and contemporary glamour portraiture. This has given me the ability to work with many incredible women of all ages. I’m grateful for the opportunity to capture their inner beauty and personality! We have a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and share a lot of hugs. It's heartwarming and fills my soul when clients send me a message describing how their session made them feel! How they finally see themselves like their family and friends have seen them this whole time . Strong, beautiful and an incredibly confident women with an inner light that just needed a moment to shine. This is why I love doing what I do. Thank you for putting your trust in me!

My Mission

I'm passionate about building self-esteem and confidence in my client's. Growing up as a tomboy I never felt pretty or worthy as a result, i am passionate about showing my clients with low or no selfesteem how much they do matter. It is my mission to provide a safe and compassionate environment where women of all ages can celebrate her individuality and feel worthy of feeling beautiful,making every effort to convey the inner and outer beauty they haven’t discovered yet. If I can show each of them how amazing they are and they get it, I feel accomplished and my heart is full.

I hope you take the time to look around my website, visit me on Facebook, or drop me a message. I would love to hear from you so we can chat about how you’ve always dreamed of being photographed!

Individuals, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and couples are welcome to join in this day of pampering and fun.


I offer a series of fashion-inspired photo sessions designed for everyday women of all ages. Each session is artfully designed from the beginning with professional hair & makeup performed by a licensed stylist. Your wardrobe will be carefully selected to achieve the look you dream of to look like. I will direct you during your dream photo shoot to capture the beautiful and desirable woman you are! This is a luxurious day of unlimited laughs and pampering.

My sessions are about celebrating beauty and empowering women through contemporary beauty photography. We come in all types… the busy mom who gives up her social life to raise her family, the corporate climber who works long hours to make it to the top of her profession, the selfless giver who would rather do things for others than spend time and attention on herself, and the girl-at-heart who grew up never thinking she was pretty.

My sessions are designed specifically for you. Designed to capture your loving nature as a mother, your strength as a business woman, your generosity as a humanitarian, and your inner light as the incredible woman you have always been. No matter who you are, or what defines you, you have something marvelous to share. It is your time to shine and feel radiant! I would be honored to present you with images that reflect who you are to your family and friends… a beautiful soul who just needs to be reminded how special you are.

Please ask about the following sessions:
Personal Branding/Business Portraits


These sessions are available for women of all ages. You will enjoy this day of pampering by receiving professional hair & makeup, wardrobe styling, and up to a 2 hour photo shoot.

Makeovers are performed by a licensed hair and makeup artist who works closely with me for this experience.

What to Expect

Your session is tailored just for you. Upon your arrival, you will be shown to your dressing area and offered a beverage. Once you are settled, we’ll begin with your hair and makeup. If you have sent me examples of the style you want, the stylist will be prepared to get to work. If you are undecided or wish to be surprised, we can style you beautifully.

During the makeover, you’ll be offered luxurious treats. Finally, we will ease in to your photo shoot by making you comfortable in front of the camera. I will be directing you every step of the way. We’ll share a lot of laughs and you can soak up the experience while feeling like a movie star!

Session Rates

All sessions include professional hair & makeup, styled wardrobe, photo shoot and separate reveal party. Products are sold separately.

Single Session: $350.00
Family/Generation Session: $500


Monday-Friday with session times starting at 10:30am for smaller groups and 9:30am for larger groups.
Saturday sessions available as an add-on below.

Adult (ages 13+), full makeover: +$125 per person
Child (ages 7-12), light hair, light makeup: +$75 per person
Toddler (ages 1-6), light hair: +$25 per person

Saturday session: +$100

Design Your Dream Photoshoot

Customize your own Luxury Portrait Session.