what they are saying

Genna Kozlowski

Granite Bay High School
Class of 2016

Just a few of my favorite things that I loved about Trish my photographer was how fun she made my shoot and how special she made me feel.

I felt amazing the entire shoot and very comfortable. 

Also she was great at teaching me how to pose and what to do in pictures to look my best. I loved the closest full of unique clothes to dress up in because it gave me options that I did not have in my own closet, that made my senior portraits extra special. One of my favorite pieces was a beautiful pink fluffy gown that made me feel like a princess.

I loved getting my hair and makeup professionally done by Jen because I didn't have to worry about trying to get my hair exactly how I wanted. I got the exact look I asked for and it looked amazing.

Kristen – Genna’s Mom

My daughter loved the closet full of clothes. Trish had so many unique pieces to choose from and some really cool jewelry to add to the outfits. I think my favorite that my daughter choose was the gold dress and the pink princess dress.

She looked amazing.

Trish is a talented photographer who one can tell, loves what she does. Her pictures are beautiful and I was so glad we ended up ordering more than what we initially thought we would. She creates a wonderful memory!

Kyleigh Dingfelder

Oakmont HS
Class of 2017

My favorite thing about Trish was that she made me feel so confident during my shoot, and that she was so fun to work with.

I naturally am very picky when it comes to photos of myself, but she honestly made me feel so good about myself,

and I loved the final result of all of my pictures!

I loved her closet full of unique outfits for me to wear. An outfit can really change your attitude during a shoot, and I felt so confident and beautiful in all of mine!

Barbara – Kyleigh’s Mom

This senior portrait shoot was not just a shoot.

This experience was a memory for my daughter and myself.

It captured a moment in time that we will be cherished forever.

Kyleigh's hair and make up was beautiful and stayed looking great throughout the shoot!

You made Ky feel so special that day! I know she felt somewhere between a model and a princess! Such a great experience for her senior year!!

Kristi Durose – Riley’s Mom

I originally chose Tanga Rae Photography to do my son’s senior portraits because Trish’s pictures were so creative and different. I scheduled our session with Trish and my son was not looking forward to the pictures. He hates to get his picture taken and he never smiles. I told Trish that Riley may be difficult to photograph due to his dislike of photos.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to go to the photo shoot and decided to send Riley with Trish. She took him downtown to do the shoot. Riley and Trish hit it off. She took tons of pictures of him with a smile. I was shocked. He never smiles for anyone.

Trish captured my son in his true light.

The pictures turned out better than I hoped and are beautiful. Since then Riley has been on two photo shoots(voluntarily). He loves to get pictures taken now. Thank you Trish for making Riley’s Senior Portrait’s so awesome and life changing for him.

Riley Durose

I had a great Photoshoot with Trish. She was easy to work with and made the whole experience fun.

Jessica Ginniver

Granite Bay High School
Class of 2017

Having my portraits done by Tanga Rae Photography was so fun and personal. All my photos turned out gorgeous and it was an incredible experience.

My favorite thing about Trish is that she made me feel like I was a gorgeous model and she knew of all these pretty locations. My favorite location was the swing because it's so cute and I wore a white dress and country boots so it had that sweet country look.

My favorite piece of clothing she has is the big black skirt because I felt like a princess wearing it.

I loved getting my hair and makeup done because who doesn't like to be pampered hahaha!

The look I wanted was on point.

Shonnie Ginnever – Jessica’s Mom

It was fun and special!

Trish is an awesome photographer, she had great ideas. The option to use some of Trish's clothing was extremely helpful.

My daughter chose to use one of trish's outfits in several photos.

We liked all the locations, I think my favorite spot was Auburn Forest Hill Bridge area. Favorite because very scenic.

Morgan Petrarca

Class of 2017
Rocklin High School

I was so excited to have my senior portraits done by Tanga Rae Photography.

It was a dream come true.

I'd been waiting since my junior year to have her do my senior portraits. Trish's closet full of clothes is so girly and beautiful! My favorite piece would have to be the tulle skirt, which I wore during my shoot at the famous Niemi wall!

My favorite location was at the swing in the field because it's simple, but beautiful with the warm colors.

My senior portrait experience was nothing but fun and smiles.

Linda – Morgan’s Mom

Trish did not rush the process. We spent quality time going from location to location making sure each set was perfect.

The only piece of clothing borrowed was the black tulle skirt. It was a dramatic look for the Auburn location.

It was an amazing experience from beginning to end.

She felt beautiful and important as the entire day was just for her.

Destiny Carmassi

Oakmont HS
Class of 2017

The editing was perfect for my taste. It wasn't too much it was just the right amount for me.

It definitely looked like me and looked very natural yet beautiful.

In all I was completely satisfied with all of my pictures and so excited that I ordered the album with all my favorite images, a canvas and flash drive with all my images.

Noelle – Mom of Sloane

It was peace of mind to me hiring Tanga Rae Photography. I knew they would turn out amazing. I knew Trish would take her time and make sure we got what we wanted.

She had lots of great ideas for unique backdrops/poses that were beautiful. She also listened to what my daughter wanted. I love all the clothes. I was pleasantly surprised to find out a lot of them fit my petite daughter. My favorite pieces are the tulle skirts and the white Ralph Lauren Military Jacket.

I loved that I got to be there and see her blossom in front of the camera.

I also loved being in a few pictures with her.

Haley Gilbreath

Rocklin High School
Class of 2015

Having my senior portraits done by Tanga Rae Photography meant having unique, beautiful pictures taken by a loving friend that I could show off to EVERYONE I know.

The whole time Trish is taking pictures of you she says encouraging things like "beautiful!" Or "love it!" to make you feel comfortable.

She takes away all awkwardness you may feel at first.

Eventually, you'll forget you're in front of a camera. Even if you don't know her at all before your shoot, she's very talkative & kind. Trish is so easy to talk to & such a good listener as well.

During my senior portrait, Trish took me to many places. My favorite location we went to was the Forrest Hill Bridge in Auburn. Not only did I actually get into the river for a couple shots, but she also had me stand in front of this beautiful gold railing & the pictures turned out amazing.