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Samantha | Rio Americano Senior

I chose to do the roller skates because I felt like it fit my personality. It was different. Not many people roller skate anymore and I thought that’s why it would be perfect to do that as an outfit.

I had to hunt for these skates though. It took me awhile before I found some at Target! We all love Target too. I loved that the wheels were pink. That hint of pink is like me. I’m not totally into pink anymore but I do still really like the color. I figured that I had to have leg warmers too. I also found those at Target for only like 5 bucks. The leg warmer added that extra touch of personality to my outfit. Since my roller skates were mostly white I figured white shorts would go best and I found those at Abercrombie kids for like 15 bucks. The shirt i’m wearing is a cropped button down silk shirt that I got from Crossroads for like 10 bucks. The shirt went perfectly with the shoes because it was that lighter pink color whereas if I were trying to match the solid pink color it would’ve been more difficult.

To finish my outfit off i borrowed the super cute biker jacket from Tanga Rae’s closet. It was the perfect fit to the outfit because the colors went smoothly with the skates, my shorts, the legwarmers, and the shirt. This whole outfit came to me when thinking about what do I want to wear that other people wouldn’t. When I was being photographed in my skates I was smiling the whole time. It made me happy that I was doing something different and I just couldn’t wait to see them because I knew I would love all those pictures.



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